NoopooH - NATURE


Positive Tidings to All, 


Every member of the Ethiopian Race should have one of these books of NOONE in his or her household for study and TRUE-CULTURE RESTORATION by manifestations of NOOPOOH and NOONE in Positive Knowledge, Profound Understanding, and Progressive Wisdom.


Other  ethnic  races  (human  races)  can  benefit  as well, because  the  time  for Positive Change  for  better  is  here. 






The  purposes  of  Noone, NoopooH's Positive  Science  of  Sound  Right  Reason,  do  neither include trying  to  belittle  people  nor  degrade  their  Religions  and  also  Gods;  but included  among  the  purposes  of  Noone  are  definitions  and  identities  of  persons, places,  and  things  and  correct  information  about  persons,  places,  and  things  which will serve  to  put  peoples  minds  in  correct  order  with  mental  liberation  knowledge. Another  chief  purpose  of  Noone  is  to  show members  of  The  Ethiopian  Race  how  we were  dethroned  and  also depowered  to  our  lowly  and  lonely  position  in  societies  and the  world  by  NEGATIVE  EVOLUTIONARY  FORCES  OF  NATURE,  and  our only  way back to  DIGNITY  and  RESPECT  is  by  POSITIVE  REVOLUTIONARY  POWERS  OF  NATURE  as identified  by  Noone  with  The  Smat Circle  of  Law  and  Order. Noone  liberates  minds and  puts  them in  chronological  order  and  consecutive  sequence  with  correct information.  Let  it  be  remembered  always  and  be  it  known! 





 Listen  to  Reason!  The  Writer  of  this  correct  information  is  AFROO OONOO  who  is  The  Philosopher,  Writer,  and  Messenger  of  NoopooH  and  Noone. And  for  the  benefit  of  the  listening  audience,  Afroo  Oonoo  is  spelled: A-F-R-O-O  and  O-O-N-O-O.  Afroo  Oonoo  is  originally  from  The  Sudan  in Motherland  Africa,  and  he  definitely  is  a  member  of The  African  Race  also called  The  Black  Race.  You  personally  need  to  know  The  Writer of  this positive  knowledge  not  nearly  so  much  as  you  need  to  know  this  correct information  he  has  written.  And  for  the  benefit  of  the  reading  public, the  name Afroo  Oonoo  is  pronounced  AF-ROO  OO-NOO.  


 Our Positive Intentions with  is to HELP in the process of every household in the Ethiopian Race have in it possession these Books of Noone Philosophy Science. Due to the Major-Cycle changes, Laws of Nature and Surviving Armageddon. Also, we would like to acknowledge the other two Kin Relatives and Co-Publishers, Gepoo NoopooH and Sipoo NoopooH.



"Every  household in  The  Ethiopian  Race  all over  The  World  should  have  in  its possession this  book of  NOONE  as  an  introduction  to  more NOONE  and  the  future." ~ Afroo Oonoo NoopooH